System Gaming Storm Surge

The Ochelli Effect 10-10-2018 Artisan Loaf

On A W Odin’s Day, Chuck begins talking about the storm beginning to hit his area and some news.

Trade Wars and the Stock Market get a quick mention, but Chuck has no patience for the standard bland news of the day.

Callers are requested and a past and future guest drops in after his dinner.

Artisan Loaf joins the conversation to talk about the game of the labor system and how competition is also a handle of manipulation for those in power to continue to squeeze the wage-slave.

The Elon Musk takes center stage in the discussion and Chuck compares the self-centered entitled personality of the current CEO of Tesla with the raging fool that is the current POTUS.

Is Disney an evil empire? Are human workers like light bulbs? Murder in Russian organized criminal paradigm is the same as it ever was.

Chuck is in a bad mood surrounded by tornados it seems, but this all adds up to an interesting listen, maybe.

Enjoy the show! We still wonder if anyone actually reads these show notes, but it hardly matters except for the links and resources that are included we guess.

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System Gaming Storm Surge

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System Gaming Storm Surge – The Ochelli Effect 10-10-2018 Artisan Loaf