System Failures Continue Failing

The Ochelli Effect 9-18-2019 Bpete

System Failures Continue Failing

Pete returns to continue dissecting the strange world. In the first hour, Chuck and Bpete show themselves to have very different views of the alleged Trump Impeachment hearings that allegedly got started this week. BPete thinks they have found nothing on number 45 but Chuck disagrees. The two men found some common ground on the sick care system as it stands in corporate America. It’s all for-profit and none of that profit benefits you/

The second hour was dominated by discussions on Jim Fetzer’s adventures in the Sand Hoax lawsuits. Fetzer now seems to think that the guy suing him is a crisis actor or something like that.

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System Failures Continue Failing

Bpete has a worldview that crosses over with Chuck’s but they are not the same. So an effort to digest the interesting events of the day from two unique defiant attitudes might just produce solid results.

As usuual there is no script and the organic nature of the discussion is unfiltered.

Let us know what you think of this new segment and check out Bpete’s Blog page.

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System Failures Continue Failing – The Ochelli Effect 9-18-2019 Bpete