Syria Fog Part One

The OchelliEffect 10-10-2019 Carmine Savastano

Syria Fog Part One

What is happening in Syria today? Author Carmine Savastano returns to make some sense of the rather confusing events being reported about the conflict in Syria. Has the headline of the day provided an insight into the actual events in Syria?

In the first part of a planned two-part podcast Chuck and Carmine attempt to add clarity to the discussion on the recent events. This may not unravel the entire ball of yarn on the topic but may serve as a real introduction to the subject.

Post World War Two history leading into the 1980s is the focus of this podcast. The context for the groundwork that created the situation is gone over extensively.

Is there a pattern of behavior regarding Syria that can be observed elsewhere? Do the current powers that be remotely understand history?

Syria Fog Part One

(Notes From Carmine)
My title Idea “The Fog of Syria’s War” part I

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Syria Fog Part One – The OchelliEffect 10-10-2019 Carmine Savastano