Syria airstrikes trump news

Syria airstrikes trump news

The oCHELLI eFFECT 1-23-2018 Mike Swanson – Pearse Redmond

First Hour Mike Swanson gets Tuesday rolling with an overview of foreign policy in the headlines. Plus the Author of “The War State” puts some historical perspective on the chaos sandwich idiots that selected and continue to support Agent Orange despite the multitude of foolish things that would have embarrassed previous generations. Porn Stars, Con-artists, Sex, Lies, video streaming and military action as political stagecraft, oh my. Still, what are the real consequences of selectively policing Syria, while ignoring the greasy war in Yemen?

Syria airstrikes trump news

Second hour Pearse Redmond (PORKINS) drops in, and Chuck is so fired up he has the host of Porkins Policy Radio struggling to get a word in edge-wise. Pearse manages to make salient points about the reality of selectively declaring which casualties are of value in middle-eastern conflicts. Plus wagging the dog, causes one to consider, who is the dog? Is the counterpart Universe where we are? What is news, and does anyone actually care anu longer? Meanwhile, The Performance artist known as Alex Jones along with other meat muppets like Sean Hannity get mentioned.

Syria airstrikes trump news

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Syria airstrikes trump news
The Ochelli Effect 4-17-2018 Mike Swanson – Pearse Redmond

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The Ochelli Effect 4-17-2018 Michael Swanson – Pearse Redmond

Syria airstrikes trump news

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