Surveillance Capitalism Redneck Rebellion

The Ochelli Effect 11-5-2019 Regular Joe and JP Sottile

Mike Swanson was off this Tuesday, So Regular Joe and JP Sottile got us through tornado of reality show unreality that is the news.

Surveillance Capitalism Redneck Rebellion

(with all due respect to Gil Scott Heron I take a run at giving his genius poem an update)


You will not be able to stay anywhere, brother
You will not be able to go online and opt-out
You will be able to lose yourself on opiates and
Grub Hub for beer during ads
Because the revolution will be data-mined
The revolution will not be televised
The revolution will be brought to you by Monsanto
In 40 parts with commercial interruption
The revolution will not show you pictures of Trump
Blowing himself and leading a rally of red hats
So General Kelly and Mike Pompeo can eat
Hog maws confiscated from a Harlem sanctuary
The revolution will be data-mined
The revolution will be brought to you by Comcast and Amazon
will star Kanya West and Kim Kardashian, and Bill Mahr
The revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal
The revolution will not get rid of the herpes
The revolution will not make you look five pounds
Thinner, because The revolution will be data-mined, Brother
There will be no pictures of you and LeBron James
Pushing that cart down the block on the dead run
Or trying to slide that Flat Screen into a stolen Uber
FOX will not predict the winner at 8:32 or the count from 29 districts
The revolution be data-mined
There will be pictures of pigs shooting down
Brothers in the instant replay
There will be no pictures of Young being
Run out of Harlem on a rail with a brand new process
There will be no slow motion or still life of
Al Sharpton strolling through Watts in a red, black and
Green liberation jumpsuit that he had been saving
For just the right occasion
The Voice, Alex Jones, Ellen Degeneres, and
Dr.Phil will no longer be so damned relevant
and Women will not care if Dick finally gets down with
Jane on BET because of ALL people
will be in the street looking for a brighter day
The revolution will be data-mined
There will be no highlights on the 24-hour news
and no pictures of hairy armed women Liberationists and
Melania Trump blowing her nose
The theme song will not be written by Bill Lynch, Francis Scott Key
nor sung by Mariah Carry, Dirks Bently, Johnny Cash
Chance The Rapper, or ASAP Rocky
The revolution will be monetized
The revolution will not be right back after a message
About global warming, white lightning, or white people
You will not have to worry about a virus on your devices
a tiger in your tank, or the giant plant-based burger
The revolution will not go better with Coke
The revolution will not fight hepatitis a through c
The revolution WILL put you in the driver’s seat
The revolution will be data-mined
The revolution will be no re-run brothers
The revolution will be live-streamed

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Surveillance Capitalism Redneck Rebellion

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The Ochelli Effect 11-5-2019 Regular Joe and JP Sottile

Surveillance Capitalism Redneck Rebellion