Super Cricket Bowl Top Gun

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Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 2-1-2019 Pearse Redmond

(Show Notes from Aaron)

TRR 216

A friend of the show, Pearse Redmond, returns to talk a bit about some of the stories that are currently flying under the radar. As the story goes, Americans are being attacked by some form of cricket warfare in Cuba. Are John Bolton and the Canadians hoping this aggression will be enough to successfully push for regime change in Venezuela?

topics include: New Year’s Eve, New York City, sonic weapons, Cuba, diplomats, intelligence agents, CIA, crickets, Associated Press, propaganda, conspiracy, Canadian military, Justin Trudeau, NATO, Venezuela, Latin America, Maduro, oil, geopolitics

Utp 123

Pearse Redmond returns for another fun conversation with Uncle. This show is a sports spectacular covering pretty much every major American sport. Pearse reveals the secret lives of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick as being very bizarre and interesting.

topics include: Super Bowl, football, LA Rams, New England Patriots, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, NHL, hockey, MLB, baseball, NASCAR, Jimmy Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, 3 movie, Tony Stewart, controversial racing death, Top Gun Maverick, Tom Cruise, flying aircraft, 2020 release date, movie predictions, cheap beers

Super Cricket Bowl Top Gun

(Producers Notes)

Pearse explained his appearance on New Years.
Beam me up Porkins.
Conspiracy theory is weaponized.
Crickets as a cover story?
Top Gun coming in 2020.
A career-ending injury for Brady would make me watch football more than just 2 a year again.
All Canadians are Royal subjects to the Crown
Boy, Uncle really wants to set Top Gun 2.
Did he just say Tom Cruise is going to fly planes?

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Super Cricket Bowl Top Gun