Summer Solstice Slam Poetry

Trans Resister Radio & Uncle The Broadcast Presented by OCHELLI.COM

Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 6-21-2019

(Notes by Aaron)
TRR 233

Aaron celebrates the Summer Solstice with a live broadcast. A quick look at Masonic symbolism moves into a huge glance at the mystery of consciousness.

Summer Solstice, holy days, religion, philosophy, myth, agriculture, Freemasonry, the Builders, artifice, nature, Garden of Eden, history of consciousness, Owen Barfield, participation, ego,

new age, native Americans encountering Europeans landing boats on the ocean shore, creating your own reality, blaming the victim, shallow views of deeper truths, meditation, Zen gardening, atheists, arguing what God is and thinks, eye witness accounts not reliable, perception is a reality, subconscious, mind

Utp 140

Aaron’s dad returns to the broadcast to help wrap up last week’s spoken word battle. Uncle is upset that the voting ended in a 6-6 tie between Sef the Poet and Chuck. Everything works out in the end and the spoken word battle is something that will have to return to the broadcast again sometime.

topics include: Twitter poll, radio voice, nephew-in-law, Rush Limbaugh, Jay Dyer, voting, rap and poetry styles, VPN, dark web, Nevada pronunciation, sword stores

Summer Solstice Slam Poetry

(Producers Notes)
I felt Aaron needed a counter-ballast for his conversation he was having with himself in the first hour.
The god question and creation as it relates to consciousness is right on time.
There is a tie in the Spoken word Battle.
I concede victory to Sef because though I tried I feel I was honestly defeated.
I would rather produce these than participate anyway.
However, If a more free-style format is used I would enjoy another shot.
Aaron’s dad didn’t get a lot in until near the end.
The Chat is active.
The entire night was fun.

Summer Solstice Slam Poetry

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Summer Solstice Slam Poetry