Strange Christmas Special Chris Graves

Get M.A.D. With Chris Graves 12-25-2022 Featuring Six

Strange Christmas Special Chris Graves

Strange Christmas Special Chris Graves

Get M.A.D. With Chris Graves 12-25-2022 Featuring Six

“Going M.A.D. Within Chris Graves: A Very Merry Scary XMAS SPOOKTACULAR”

Come join us through a bizarre mixture of Christmas cheer and Halloween fear!

Our fearless (or fearful?) host is alone on Christmas Eve and needs to record a special holiday podcast but with no guests in sight!

So he does what any of us sensible folk would do, he eats some “special” mistletoe berries from the local vermin hanging out in front of the “Gas & Go”….

Almost immediately, Graves enters a weird world made up of Christmas / Halloween hybrid creatures & beings. The names have been changed to protect the

guilty. Enjoy at your own risk!

Credits:Written by Chris Graves & Six

Produced by Six

Music / Sound Effects / Editing by Six


Chris Graves – Chris Graves

Six – Narrator / Peter Krampy Black / Keanu the Pink Mistletoe Camel / Ghastly the Abominable Snowman of Woonsocket R.I. / Nick Cringle Nice Guy / The Ghost of Mandela Effected Xmas

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Strange Christmas Special Chris Graves

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