Stolen Future Stephen Singular

The Ochelli Effect 11-14-2018 Stephen Singular

Chuck had a chat with Best Selling Author Stephen Singular about his new book regarding the 2000 election.

It just may prove to be more relevant today than we want it to be. This interview breaks down some of the finer points in the book and reveals the true nature of investigative journalism.

Stolen Future: The Untold Story of the 2000 Election

“This is an important book with new, deep reporting. It is chock-full of information, insights, and analysis that will intrigue both current readers and future historians.” —Dan Rather

CHUCK IS NOT A FAN OF DAN RATHER, but he wrote the most concise description

In The Cards is the title of an earlier novel related to the subject

In The Cards Description:

Before the Robert Mueller investigation and before the Russians hacked the 2016 Presidential election, the Americans did it to themselves. What really sent the 2000 election in Florida into chaos and how did that change the course of history, while setting the stage for everything happening today? And why has this story never been told?

Until now.

A handful of people tried to stop the voter meddling when it started and to warn the nation and the media about what could happen next. That wasn’t in the cards, but something else was…

Publisher of Stolen Future:
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Referenced during the interview:

Stolen Future Stephen Singular

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Stolen Future Stephen Singular – The Ochelli Effect 11-14-2018 Stephen Singular