Staying Real Under Transitional Circumstances

Staying Real Under Transitional Circumstances

The Ochelli Effect 10-4-2017 Aaron Franz , Barry Prince , Unique Lee

First hour Aaron Franz arrives for Chuck’s Conspiracy Therapy session as the two discuss the current age of transition , Human , technological , informational , etc.. Chuck finds himself venting frustration over the reports on the mass murder event in Las Vegas and seemingly every other news story and Aaron answers a listener question that was much less clearly written than his spoken response. In a hour hour attempt at Staying Real Under Transitional Circumstances on The Ochelli Effect. Themes and Memes not included

Transitional Ages to Twinn Moose

Second Hour Unique Lee and Barry Prince to unpack the many symbols in cinematic trends from the 70s and 80s , Provide a free PSA for Canadian Tourism , explain that the planet is being harmed , and by the way , 2 twin Moose get chased by Barry in his truck. Before you ask , yes it was that odd. Listeners of The Ochelli Effect know there is a higher purpose in mind , but we dare you to explain it based on this hour,

Staying Real Under Transitional Circumstances or Transitional Ages to Twin Moose

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Staying Real Under Transitional Circumstances