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The Ochelli Effect 12-4-2019 B Pete

Status Quo Pid Pro

Another discussion on the current pointless action in DC with B Pete leads to other things.

B Pete still keeps track of a few Sports. Chuck brought up the music and the two guys had a pleasant conversation in the second hour.

The listener can hear the divided nation represented. Chuck refuses to see Trump as anything but a criminal and B Pete uses all the Trumpian talking points despite stating he is no fan of the idiot in the White House.

What do you think the reality is? The business of TV shows creating pop stars was examined a bit. The odd evolution of Country Music and what Chuck has missed in the past few years also get mentions.

Movies B Pete hasn’t seen and concerts Chuck wishes he had seen become topics in the podcast.

How much worse can the disconnected reality get?

Are you not entertained? Can you not be exhausted? Will the revolution not be televised? Can two grown men share an apartment without driving each other crazy?

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Status Quo Pid Pro

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Status Quo Pid Pro – The Ochelli Effect 12-4-2019 B Pete