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The Ochelli Effect 7-6-2020 Regular Joe and Terry Tapp

Stars Bars Bars Stars

We kick off the broadcast week with a visit from Regular Joe and try to get through some Regular Guy News. Coronavirus is still dominating headlines, but we pushed on anyway. Music legend Charlie Daniels has gone home, and Chuck is a little bummed out about it.

Chuck talked in both hours about his trip to the dirt mall, and what the sound of discord is when exposed to the public. Is the symphony of destruction swelling as we speak?

In the second hour, The artist currently known as Terry Tapp joined Chuck for a wide-ranging discussion regarding the strangeness of COVID19 and the alleged southern heritage connected to the CSA symbols. Shall we leave symbols to the symbol-minded? George Carlin might have liked that. Which War Banner do you prefer?

Not Bad for a Monday Night. Clarity is unpleasant.

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July 31, 2020

Stars Bars Bars Stars – The Ochelli Effect 7-6-2020 Regular Joe and Terry Tapp

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