Standing Grand Divided Nation

Popcorn Politics 1-12-2021 Eric Cunningham

Standing Grand Divided Nation

On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Eric Cunningham and I break down the month of news that we got this week in both hours.

We started with the Georgia Senate runoffs and what we both thought they showed about the country going forward.

Eric argued that Georgia is going to be a challenging state for Republicans in the future due to massive shifts in suburbs and the increasing reliance on rural white voters for Republicans. I think that the shift in suburbs speaks to a larger trend that helps Democrats across the board in midterm elections.

Ossoff and Warnock ran the exact campaign they needed to win, but more than that the Republicans were dragged down by Trump’s insistence that everything was rigged.

Regardless, the Trump coalition in Northern Georgia didn’t turn out enough for David Perdue or Kelly Loeffler, and if not for Wednesday’s events, we’d still be discussing the repercussions of this election.

On Wednesday the capital was attacked by Trump supporters in an attempt to overturn the “fraudulent” election of Joe Biden.

The rioters breached the capitol building and nearly found the Congressional representatives in the House chamber. Luckily this attempt failed, but the backlash has been intense.

Republicans and Democrats have condemned Trump for inciting his supporters to march on the capitol. Most of this backlash from the right has stopped short of real consequences, but a second impeachment resolution has been introduced in the house.

There’s a chance that Mitch McConnell allows the Senate to convict Trump, mainly because of everything above, losing the Senate makes Trump expendable to McConnell.

There could also be consequences for house members who helped plan the rally, specifically Mo Brooks, Paul Gosar, and Andy Biggs. We discuss these topics and more, enjoy!

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Standing Grand Divided Nation

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