Stable Genius Blathering Narcissistically

Stable Genius Blathering Narcissistically

The Ochelli Effect 1-9-2018 Michael Swanson and JP Sottile

Hour 1 The Author of The War State Takes us through his read of the recent best seller , Fire and Fury along with NLP and what seems to make the Trumpets tick. Steve Bannon and the Deep shyte state that he seems to be in if you believe the MSM as the search for profits and doom on the backs of the followers of The Cult of Agent Orange and the GOP. Is the President a thing anymore ? Does Oprah look like a good replacement? Can you be a Dictator if you don’t know how anything actually gets done? Is Trump demented? Does any of this matter? Listen to the discussion and find out.

Second hour JP Sottile the Newsvandal himself joins us to talk about what is actually not being reported. Is there any investigative Journalists in the house? Are there True Believers in Trumpet land? or is everything becoming the shinny object obstacle course of the social media circle jerk ? And By The Way OPRAH! Deep State victory seems like a lock.

Stable Genius Blathering Narcissistically


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No Covefe in sight as we explore that Land of Confusion  where , Stable Genius Blathering Narcissistically is just another day and a tweet away …

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The Ochelli Effect 1-9-2018 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

Stable Genius Blathering Narcissistically

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