Splitting Tickets Broadcast News

Popcorn Politics 4-6-2021 Eric Cunningham and Albert Lanier

Splitting Tickets Broadcast News

On this episode of Popcorn Politics, Eric Cunningham and I discuss the ongoing primaries to replace House members who’ve been confirmed to Joe Biden’s cabinet.

In NM01 Melanie Stansbury won the Democratic nomination to replace the outgoing representative, Deb Halland, the now confirmed Secretary of the Interior. Stansbury was the establishment choice who won out over State Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez.

This district voted heavily for Joe Biden and has been moving left since 2000, so Stansbury is the overwhelming favorite.

In OH 11 we race former state Senator and Bernie Sanders surrogate, Nina Turner, running against Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Chairwoman, Shontel Brown.

This race is considered a proxy battle between the 2 Democratic party factions as Turner is a lightning rod for both sides.

We discuss these races as well as a controversy surrounding Ron Desantis and CBS along with other topics, hope you enjoy it!

In hour 2, Albert Lanier and I discuss 1987’s Broadcast News. Broadcast News is a romantic comedy about a workaholic executive producer who becomes attracted to a vapid news anchor despite hating everything he stands for.

This is a script and performance-centric film that relies on its witty dialogue and fast pace to keep the audience engaged. Broadcast News is a cerebral film and primarily utilizes intrinsic values to forward the narrative, an uncommon narrative device in romantic comedies.

The characters leave something to be desired in my view, besides Tom, they all feel fairly one-note as if they’re a trait versus a person. But for the story being told, this is a logical choice.

Overall I found this to be a surprisingly engaging film with more layers than you’d expect just hearing a synopsis. Listen to the full episode for Albert’s thoughts and more. Enjoy the show!

Eric Cunningham @decunningham2, @Elections_Daily, Elections-daily.com






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Splitting Tickets Broadcast News

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