Speak About Destruction Because

The Ochelli Effect 9-2-2020 Ted Edmonson and Glenn Viklund

Speak About Destruction Because


Everybody needs to calm down.

Why do some Americans wish for the horror of civil war? Is this political cultism running wild in the pathetic patriot psychology? Are alleged liberals so toxic that they can not see past their outrages?

Will poorly-informed world views be the sculptor of destruction that misshapes the nor-so-brave new world? Is Ammunition in short supply in your neighborhood?

How is the coronavirus treating you? Did Sweeden fail in its strategic considerations regarding the pandemic? Is Donald Trump a symptom, a disease, or both?

Will the next generation learn from this dystopic era of non-communication? Are you ready for war? Rumors of wars and fabled enemies are the opiate of the people. How much Police State is good with you?

Ted and Glenn went along for the conversations but Chuck’s thoughts and process were the ugly modern art for this Wednesday conversation.

Do we know how we got to the emotional cliff that far too many seem to be begging to dive from? What’s next? Will there be lubrication in the future?

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Speak About Destruction Because 

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