South Reconstructed Middle East Deconstructed

The Ochelli Effect 6-11-2019 Michael Swanson and Robbie Martin

It was yet another day to ignore the Trump Circus and all the WWE style clowns for a day in DC, for the most part. The Conman from Queens doesn’t own every slum no matter what his daddy tried to leave for him.

Mike Swanson takes a hard look at the business model that benefits from racial discord. Why is the South not permitted to rise? Chuck argues that free-range slavery is the engineered result of the American system. This is a deep dive with historical context that just might make you reconsider why the rent is just too damn high.

The first hour explores the economic aspects of never fully confronting the divide and conquer mechanism that is just as American as Apple Pie and Racism.

Robbie Martin substituted for Pearse Redmond in hour two. Robbie is a media creator as diverse as he is intelligent in his ability to analyze media. His media roots display the heavy agenda of the real story behind many current narratives.

What is the danger of the first guy made an example of as a radicalized traitor as he is released into the tank of America’s now muted bloodlust for vengeance in the post-911 reality? Is there any real anti-war rhetoric to be had anywhere? Is there any boogeyman that isn’t looking to recruit you?

Altogether, these two hours were another entry into the remarkable TYR’s Day ledger on The Ochelli Effect.

South Reconstructed Middle East Deconstructed

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South Reconstructed Middle East Deconstructed

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South Reconstructed Middle East Deconstructed

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South Reconstructed Middle East Deconstructed – The Ochelli Effect 6-11-2019 Michael Swanson and Robbie Martin