Social Credit System 2

The Ochelli Effect 6-27-2018 Jeffrey Matte

Jeffrey Matte joins Chuck for a second show devoted to The Social Credit System.
We leave the servile, sycophantic, fawning, groveling, cringing, subservient, submissive, and slavish devotion of the Trump cultists out of the discussion. They are merely the modern idiots of convenience.
Is it only now that the scientific control man is revealed? Continually revealing the reality of the world. The human family may have forgotten, but the elites have not.

.Jeffrey Matte explains that what we see today is the logical evolution planned and designed long before this generation. Artificial Intelligence seems like a new thing, but is it? Despite all our rage,are we still just rats in a cage? The slow introduction of tech elements seems to be accelerating.What will all this mean to us?

Can we rise above the engineer’s plot? Do we have the ability to gain insights so later navigation will be intelligent? Is biology simply multiple series of data points to be exchanged like paper dollars?

This Thors Day discussion is an interesting mate to the previous program on the same topic. It is more like a deprogram.

Consider the emrging data collection a preface to the saga in history where a small number of people with rare knowledge cultivate the livestock in a manner that makes the livestock believe they are free , and not just test subjects in the lab called earth. This is not a conspiracy theory.

There is a lot of food for thought in this unscripted conversation.


Social Credit System 2

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 Social Credit System 2 – The Ochelli Effect 6-28-2018 Jeffrey Matte