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The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 1-24-2020 Sunshine On

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AOT #259

Things can often and all too easily seem completely hopeless. In the face of this, it may be that a bit of hope and faith go a long way to help us. But how do we keep ourselves from becoming victims of blind faith?

topics include:: 9/11 Truth, we were lied to, some far-Left pitfalls, conspiracy related topics, religion, faith, mysticism, altered states of consciousness, being consumed by alternative media

UTP #167

One of our favorite callers returns to the show. SunshineOn lets us know about her new Instagram account which features her paintings.

topics include: Patreon, sports reports, live from Landers, experimental drug studies, Chuck Ochelli self-portrait, desert camping trip, paintings, Instagram, social media, art

“Blah blah blah got your lovey-dovey sad-and-lonely
Stick your stupid slogan in
Everybody sing along?


Smart Art Dart Kart Mart

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Smart Art Dart Kart Mart – The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 1-24-2020 Sunshine On