Slow Death Managment

The Ochelli Effect 12-14-2018 Chuck Solo

On a Friday Chuck explained why he is no longer on Shake and Wake Radio. Did Barry Prince and his hate-loaded Christian Paranoia have something to do with it? Yes, it did.

Meanwhile, Chuck pulled together a few stories about the dangers of the sickness management industry. Our long-time friend Tech called in, and Chuck learned a new Quotation attributed to Ghamdi.

Is it any shock that criminal commit crime? Is it remotely surprising that profit is of higher concern in our culture than the living standards of people? From baby powder and pain pills to eye surgery and suicide the spectrum of destruction looms far and wide.

The invisible people are kept sick and broke while the invisible empire marches on.

The Brutality of reality is more than a conspiracy theory. The dice are loaded, every deck is stacked, and anyone not in the V.I.P. program is merely another chip in the rack or a fragment of another brick in some wall keeping the plastic planet functioning as a prison.

Chuck just learned they added bananas to Rasin Bran. It’s Christmas time on Cell Block Earth.

Slow Death Managment


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Slow Death Managment – The Ochelli Effect 12-14-2018 Chuck Solo