Slavery Throughout History Profile

The Ochelli Effect 9-3-2020 Carmine Savastano

Slavery Throughout History Profile

The first quarter of the show is somewhat off-topic.

Author Carmine Savastano presented a wider view of what is often a limited discussion of Slavery. Is the institution in any way a uniquely American or European industry? Is the entire issue of money? Maybe images of slave owners on American currency makes a bit more sense than we might think. Did dehumanized populations become whole as people instantly after slavery was abolished?

Is there any relation to the mechanisms that benefit stake-holders elaborate designs to extract labor with our compensation to the general notion of the institution of slavery? Religion is tied to slavery, but it is just one of many institutions. What does recorded history tell us about human bondage?

Exploitation is a common theme in the metrics that built America. Is it any shock that those with resources generally grow wealth on the backs of the exploited? Feel free to e-mail us and let us know what your thoughts are on the subject and how it was presented.

Carmine’s References:
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Slavery Throughout History Profile

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