Skeptical Reconciliation Conflicting Packages

Popcorn Politics 2-2-2021 Brian Kramer and Ted Edmonson

Skeptical Reconciliation Conflicting Packages

On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Brian Kramer and I discussed the debate over COVID relief.

There’re two conflicting bills being put forward, a $1.9 trillion package proposed by President Biden and a $600 billion package proposed by Senate Republicans.

The current debate is over whether to use Senate procedures to pass Biden’s package with reconciliation and use 1 of 3 opportunities or negotiate with Republicans.

The final obstacle in the way of reconciliation has moved out of the way with Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia supporting it, but even still Brian and I debated it,

I don’t believe this is necessarily worth reconciliation, Brian did. We also discussed the Justice Democrats’ plan to recruit primary challenges to Joe Manchin and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

Primarying Manchin seems redundant to me considering his likely retirement in 2024 and the lack of Democrats left in the state. Sinema makes more sense though, Arizona is rapidly shifting left, and by the time she’s up for reelection, the state will likely be out of the swing-state territory.

In hour 2, Ted Edmonson and I discussed a variety of other topics including a rant from Ted about Joe Biden’s strategy. First, we talked about the Ohio Senate race, Senator Rob Portman is retiring and Democrats are hoping that this makes the seat more competitive, I’m skeptical.

Congressman Tim Ryan is running to replace Portman, and as strong a candidate as he is, Ohio is ruby red. We also discussed Majorne Taylor Greene, the freshman representative for GA-14, she’s facing expulsion for supporting calls for Nancy Pelosi’s execution.

We talked about whether we thought she would be expelled, and how Democrats should handle her in messaging. I’ll let you enjoy Ted’s rant.

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Skeptical Reconciliation Conflicting Packages

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