Sibel without Sally Field plus AFRICOM

Sibel without Sally Field plus AFRICOM

The Ochelli Effect 10-24-2017 Pearse Redomnd – Does Porkins have Ochelli’s six?

Friend of the show and fellow radio host Pearse Redmond joins Chuck to tell the story of his involvement and exit from Boiling Frogs Post and NewsBud. How Chuck and Pearse were first introduced was a few years ago when Pearse accompanied author and alternative media figure Sibel Edmonds to The Ochelli Effect during a promotional campaign to raise mony for the now established Newsbud organization. Pearse tells his side of the story about how , when and why he became disenchanted with the organization and it’s head Sibel Edmonds. In a rare two hour discussion on Tuesday Ochelli Effect (Mike Swanson is normally on the first hour) Pearse goes through not only this story but unpacks Niger and the many silent ops and African branch of the alleged “War On Terror”. We even get to examine the latest installment of , “WTF TRUMP” with audio from a current impeach 45 commercial that has suddenly emerged in the MSM and social media universe.  Pearse is now a regular contributor to the show but has been a long standing friend and is heard LIVE on American Freedom Radio Tuesdays.

Sibel without Sally Field plus AFRICOM

Sibel without Sally Field plus AFRICOM

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Sibel without Sally Field plus AFRICOM

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  1. Nick November 2, 2017 at 2:01 am - Reply

    what happened to the comments section? It’s all gone!

  2. Flynn November 11, 2017 at 5:52 am - Reply

    Yup, lol, Pearse mentioned Azerbaijan when going on abouit what Sibel repeats over and over. It’s almost like “Azerbaijan did 9/11” to her.

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