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The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 7-24-2020 Bobby V.

Sex Robots Top Gun Roblox

AoT #280

In this episode, there is some talk about the institution of marriage as well as a very interesting piece from the NIH that Bobby Vaughn brings to the table. It seems that 5G millimeter waves can be absorbed by skin cells and produce Coronaviruses.

Topics include: human relationships, laws, marriage, contracts, religion, Corona Virus lockdown reality, relationship stress, relationships with machines, 5G, technology, transhumanism, Google, internet, forcing people onto certain browsers, 404 errors, https, old sites no longer secure, switching over to new internet structure

Utp #187

Bobby Vaughn is on the line to help Uncle navigate a world without movie theaters. It is hard to know where the world will go next after this call to action.

topics include: krypton, nuclear power, Metropolis IL, new room, Uncle’s face, Creative Accidents visit, bonsai trees, aliens, the desert, movies, Top Gun Maverick, film industry, Corona Virus, streaming services, watching parties, time, Skype, technology, Tom Cruise, movie trailers

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Sex Robots Top Gun Roblox

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