Selective Regressive Subjective Detective

The Ochelli Effect 9-11-2020 Roundtable

Selective Regressive Subjective Detective

What happens when Mrs.O, Sholly, Captain Tripps, Regular Joe, Ray from Down Under, and co-host B Pete join Chuck on the Day that changed the world 19 years ago? Listen and find out. Are you ready for the vaccine to save us all? Chuck tried and failed to explain the flat earth.

We learned about Burbon, and 2 Italians in a boat looking for the end of the world. What in the hell is happening on Oceania? How’s the virus working out for you? Get your hand out of my pocket.

Chuck explains why September 11 has always been a bad day for him. Callers tell the tale of what was on 9-12-2001. Marilyn Manson released a new album. The MSM is hyperbolic. Stay tuned.

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Selective Regressive Subjective Detective

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