Selection Recap Buck Wild

The Jack Blood Show 360 11-10-2022 Buck Johnson and Chuck Ochelli

Selection Recap Buck Wild

Selection Recap Buck Wild

The Jack Blood Show 360 11-10-2022 Buck Johnson and Chuck Ochelli

One Guest was a no-show, despite being under the weather Mr. Blood’s current producer turned his mic on today, stepped in, and gave Jack a different angle on the S Election process than that which he would have otherwise cultivated from his usual suspects Rolodex. One segment at the beginning of the show and what at the end. Chuck was under the weather so it may not be vintage Ochelli. Jack and Chuck also covered the mad world of Independent and Co-Dependent media that you can either support or vote with a silence which will silence things not brought to you by Big Pharma and the MSM cycle of foreign and Domestic Violence that beats on your mind and brings you GMO flowers to make-up and break-up with no actual sex fo9r though you’ve paid these prostitutes way too many times. Info-Whores are no exception, except they are kinda dressed and made to look like the objects of your personal fetishes, but they love you and promise to only use the tip of the spear and give you the unhappy ending of your dreams with heroes and villains to make up the full-on Eye-Wide-Shut Psychological Warfare

Buck Johnson joined jack for about 30 minutes to update us on his latest effort to represent the people’s interests where he lives. Plus he is a content creator who just might have learned something from his latest run for office.

Selection Recap Buck Wild

Buck Johnson:

Buck Johnson is a musician and firefighter and has always had an interest and drive to go one way while everyone else runs in the other direction.

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Selection Recap Buck Wild

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