Seek Truth Wear Uncle

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 2-26-2021

Seek Truth Wear Uncle

AOT #306

A stream of consciousness episode of The Age of Transitions.

topics include: seeking truth, conviction, reincarnation, Nietzsche, eternal recurrence, religion, philosophy, recording devices, history, prehistory, Atlantis, technology, cults, human thought process, conscious vs unconscious mind, propaganda, the relativity of time, safety, and security, easy answers, artifice, art, need to relax, pre-civilized human life, all or nothing, Michael Jordan, doing the impossible, meditation, self-help

UTP #216

Crazy Accidents has gone ahead and sponsored a contest that will air live next week. Be there Friday night for a live version of Name That Tune. MST will be playing a cover song, and the first person to call in with the correct name of the song will win an Uncle ice dyed t-shirt.

topics include: extensions, t-shirt orders, TX power outage, USPS problems, mail backed up, military business, Mr. IE, Syria bombing campaign, Trump still president, Q, Livestream video, chat room, Ted Cruz in Cancun, FL governor, Gavin Newsome, Cobra Kai, MST Name That Tune live contest for t-shirt prize, shipping to Australia, social media, Ed call in



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Seek Truth Wear Uncle

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