Secret Police Transparent Incompetence

The Ochelli Effect 7-21-2020 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

Secret Police Transparent Incompetence

Mike Swanson joined us despite technical difficulties to discuss the extreme right of previous generations. Edwin Walker, who was allegedly shot at by Lee Harvey before November 22 1963 is a figure who fanned the flames of the old school alt. Right.

Chuck and Mike discussed how the White Power movement and Q Annon have their roots in old debunked conspiracy theories pushed in earlier times by The John Birch Society, The Militia Movements, Skinheads, Alex Jones, and more anti-government movements than anyone can name. Some may have been legitimate and some not. Birthers, Birchers, and QANON Morons are all fruit from the same poisonous trees.

JP Sottile arrived in the second hour and dropped knowledge on the latest Coronavirus Apprentice TV reboot. JP also discussed the recent moves against the Legendary John Barbour by a Q cultist. A look back in time through the looking glass of TV game shows also provides a perspective on lost time in American history where cheap Chinese goods were not the only way to buy.

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