Secret Enemies Hidden Courts

The Ochelli Effect 12-19-2019 Carmine Savastano

The post-911 reality has produced many interesting cases of abuse of constitutional rights previously held by the American People.

Is there any weight to the claims of Trump defenders that FISA courts were used improperly against the current POTUS? Does the IG report reveal any greater truth than what partisan talking heads wish to highlight?

Is there a legitimate basis on the record for the beginning of the Russia probe? How much of an abuse of power had the FBI participated in this time?

Isn’t it strange how politicians only complain about abuses of power when it targets their allies? How does all of this affect everyday people?

Trump is still the bastard President, but do some of his politically-motivated hack defenders have half a point?

Chuck and Carmine came to a consensus on the weapons of mass distraction in the media. They also concluded that there are no “good guys” in any of the stories connected to the issues discussed.

Secret Enemies Hidden Courts

Carmine’s References:

Bonus R: Arwa Damon, Suspected chemical attack survivors speak to CNN, April 15, 2018,
Wayback Machine version of supporting Vogue article that has been removed:

R 1: Jack Shafer, February 6, 2018, The Spies Who Came into the TV Studio, Politico,

R 2: Toby Nwazor, Former CIA Director Joins Burisma, and It Is Good News, The Huffington Post,

R 3: Ken Dilianain and Julia Ainsley, CIA’s top lawyer made ‘criminal referral’ on a complaint about Trump Ukraine call, NBC News,

R 4: Aaron Mate, IG report exposes FBI, Congressional, and media deceit in Russia probe, The Grayzone,

R 5: Tim Hains, McCabe: No Need to Investigate Origins of Russia Probe, Comey And I Wrote About It In Our Books, Real Clear Politics,

R 6: Office of the DOJ Inspector General, Review of Four FISA Application and Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation, US Department of Justice,

Secret Enemies Hidden Courts

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Secret Enemies Hidden Courts – The Ochelli Effect 12-19-2019 Carmine Savastano