Seaview Square News Rundown

The Ochelli Effect 6-28-2019 Chuck Solo

Chuck is considering changing the format of the show. If you think fewer shows with longer Runtime is a good thing, let us know? Should The Ochelli Effect goto four nights per week? Share your thoughts with us and we’ll come up with a change together. Low wage workers are most workers.

This is the podcast of the first two hours of a special four hour Friday Ochelli Effect. Happy Birthday, Frankie. How much pork gets barreled up in the War Pigs Budgets? Methodists don’t seem very “Christian” when it comes to healthcare. Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie, You’re not Trump’s type. America is the inmates waiting room.

Chuck does a news roundup focusing on the ridiculous statements from musicians and the very foolish argument about every other government program when the Military Industrial Complex is the mad waste and spend cycle of domestic violence we all endure in The American Empire. Is American Pie something Trump ever tasted?

Using the polls taken on Twitter and Facebook Chuck does part one of another personal story. It’s called Seaview Square and will continue in a later episode. These stories are drawn from Chuck’s personal life and will not be included in the biographical book he is currently working on. 1987 was an interesting year.

Seaview Square News Rundown

References For The News Section:

Seaview Square News Rundown

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Seaview Square News Rundown – The Ochelli Effect 6-28-2019 Chuck Solo