Say Uncle When In Vegas

The Ochelli Effect 10-25-2017 Aaron Franz , Barry Prince , and Vince Ealey

Aaron Franz returns first hour to discuss everything from Dollar Store survival techniques and “Uncle The Podcast” to Newt Gingrich and how technocrisy may or may not steal Christmass. The first hour is a bit light of heart and begins with voice comparisons but ends with some interesting ideas.

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Barry Prince stops in to have a few discussions on wild life , mushrooms , and other natural medicines when a tech issue derails the chat. Barry is currently waiting the return of Shake and Wake Radio while he collects mushrooms and does a video show on TLB.

Say Uncle When In Vegas

Vince Easley takes us through the rest of the show with a report on the current Bundy Ranch 2014 related trial . Vince has been a part of The Ochelli Effect since the beginning and has helped in many ways to network for , appear on and lobby for Chuck and his efforts in any media circle Vince has touched. Vince has observed the events connected to the Bundy Ranch controversy by being present at the the 2014 stand off , and now reporting on the current legal battle in the Nevada courts. Vince and Chuck first met when they were both show hosts on UCY.TV and has remained a friend to Chuck for several years. Vince is a master of networking like-minded people in media together and The Ochelli Effect would not have evolved as ir has without him. You can find work with Vince in The Ochelli Effect archives as well as &

More On Bundy with Vince

Say Uncle When In Vegas


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Say Uncle When In Vegas

The Ochelli Effect 10-25-2017 Aaron Franz , Barry Prince , Vince Easley