Say Ten Heavens Flat Earth

The Ochelli Effect 8-14-2019 Lee Austin

Morning Star’s Tale is the name of a novella by Lee Austin that is quite unique. We have heard from Mr. Austin before but this interview is much more a free form discussion than the last time.

Is the Earth Flat? Why would Lucifer tell you it is flat? What if the sphere isn’t a sphere and is the center of the universe? Malfunctions of all sorts plague the show on this podcast

Is the place we live on whatever its shape is, limited by a strange barrier at the South Pole? How far gone is the mental state of the American Mind? What is the mixed message wrapped in a mixed message? Is the moon interesting to you?

Lee Austin’s power went out when Chuck called him and came back on as soon as the show was over. Chuck was overheated during the show and the rather odd flow of the conversation may have been his fault. Is The Flat Earth theory an engineered mind control operation? Who is in charge of the earth?

Politics and mass deception were also focused on for a short time. The majority of what is preserved here is just really strange. Wednesday’s are now the weird night on the Ochelli Effect and this is a great example. Why is Donald Trump not the Anti-Christ?

The devil in the details went down to Georgia despite being the devil you know and giving us all a hell of a time.

Say Ten Heavens Flat Earth


Say Ten Heavens Flat Earth

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Say Ten Heavens Flat Earth – The Ochelli Effect 8-14-2019 Lee Austin