Sanders Swindle Big Short Story

Popcorn Politics 3-10-2020 Ted Edmonson and Twenty Five

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Sanders Swindle Big Short Story

In this episode of Popcorn Politics, my guest, Ted Edmonson, and I discussed the results of Super Tuesday and the demise of the Sanders campaign. We recapped my predictions from last week and analyzed where Sanders went wrong. Particularly, he failed to exert any power over the party he was the frontrunner of. We said that any campaign that can’t earn the endorsement of their close friend Elizabeth Warren, would never win a national race. He also didn’t create a wave that could be ridden like Trump rode the tea party wave in 2016. To truly run against the establishment, you need that infrastructure, without it, you’re screaming into the wind.

Additionally, we discussed the, now inevitable, Joe Biden general election campaign. His vice-presidential pick was a topic of debate. Among the names mentioned, Congressman Ruben Gallego, Senator Kamala Harris, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, and Businessman Andrew Yang. The VP pick for Hillary Clinton ultimately set the tone for a complacent campaign.

In the second hour, 25 joined us to discuss the Big Short. The Big Short is the story of the 2008 financial meltdown and how a group of analysts predicted and got rich from it. The tone the film strikes is incredibly unique, invoking a disdain for the antagonists, but treating the subject matter with an air of levity. The SNL-like-style in which celebrities like Anthony Bourdain and Selena Gomez are brought in for single scenes adds to the frantic nature of the film. Don’t misunderstand though, this film is deeply moving with characters that struggle with their choices and the circumstances they find themselves in. Steve Carell and Christian Bale, in particular, carry the film, with assistance from Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt of course.

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Sanders Swindle Big Short Story

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Sanders Swindle Big Short Story – Popcorn Politics 3-10-2020 Ted Edmonson and Twenty Five