Samhain Pandemic Slasher Flicks

The Ochelli Effect 10-29-2020 JG Michael and Joseph L. Flatley

Samhain Pandemic Slasher Flicks

Slasher flicks and scream queens are part of the first-hour discussion with JG Michael. We hear about the latest interviews on Parallax Views. The great comedy contained in the horror scripts of years past is a thing of beauty.

Is the Biden Zombie ad part of the new normal? Classic horror and new rules for tricks and treats have nothing to do with the Great Pumpkin.

Joe Flatley tells us about his upcoming book release in the second hour. Is the virus scarier than the 1938 War of The Worlds broadcast?

We avoided politics for most of the show, but you know it’s about to be all there is to discuss as October gives way to November. Plus, look at the moon over your head. Samhain begins in a few days and will collide with the American Selection night.

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Samhain Pandemic Slasher Flicks

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