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The Ochelli Effect 3-6-2019 Joe Green

Joseph E Green is an author, playwright, researcher and social commentator with a unique voice among the signals and noise of what was once liberal philosophy regarding history and deep politics. Joe’s work and the Ochelli Effect share a common thread in-as-much as challenging the establishment can be identified as such.

Having been on the show before Joe was entirely prepared to cover the array of topics Chuck had in mind. The Real Black Panthers, Jonestown, The seemingly rudderless drift of the left, and the world of “zines” are just a few areas of exposition during the two-hour discussion.

What is Garrison? Is there value in non-electronic publications? What is The Deep Truth Journal? Where have all the Liberals gone? What is the proper name for the opposition to institutional narratives? Listen and find out.

Same Soup Different Cracker

(From )
liberal (adj.)
mid-14c., “generous,” also “nobly born, noble, free;” from late 14c. as “selfless, magnanimous, admirable;” from early 15c. in a bad sense, “extravagant, unrestrained,” from Old French liberal “befitting free people; noble, generous; willing, zealous” (12c.), and directly from Latin liberalis “noble, gracious, munificent, generous,” literally “of freedom, pertaining to or befitting a free person,” from liber “free, unrestricted, unimpeded; unbridled, unchecked, licentious.”
This is conjectured to be from PIE *leudh-ero-, which probably originally meant “belonging to the people,” though the precise semantic development is obscure; but compare frank (adj.). This was a suffixed form of the base *leudh- (2) “people” (source also of Old Church Slavonic ljudu, Lithuanian liaudis, Old English leod, German Leute “nation, people;” Old High German liut “person, people”).

Who hath indeed, most like a liberal villain,

Confess’d the vile encounters they have had

A thousand times in secret.

[“Much Ado,” IV.1.93]


(From )
libertarian (n.)
1789, “one who holds the doctrine of free will” (especially in extreme forms; opposed to necessitarian), from liberty (q.v.) on model of unitarian, etc. Political sense of “person advocating the greatest possible liberty in thought and conduct” is from 1878. As an adjective by 1882. U.S. Libertarian Party founded in Colorado, 1971. Related: Libertarianism (1849 in religion, 1901 in politics).

Same Soup Different Cracker

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Same Soup Different Cracker – The Ochelli Effect 3-6-2019 Joe Green