Sam Cooke Manhunter Values

The Ochelli Effect 2-23-2021 Albert Lanier and JP Sottile

Sam Cooke Manhunter Values

Veteran Journalist Albert Lanier filled-in for Mike Swanson on the Tuesday Ochelli Effect. Albert talked about the enigmatic death and complicated life of music legend Sam Cooke.

The Motel Hacienda was a crime scene for the terrible end of the uniquely talented Sam Cooke. Is this a suspicious death? Is there a good reason to question the official story? His father was a minister, he was a genius born in Mississippi during a time when there was nearly nothing else but danger for the grandson of a slave in the south. He evolved into much more than his roots promised.

Mr. Lanier is also returning to his career as a journalist and we hope to hear more from him soon.

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The Newsvandal arrived in the second hour to romance some of the Generation X childhood pop-culture. The break from the break-neck speed and stress of the news cycle as dominated by Donald Trump is also covered.

Radio Days and the years where music became a serious element of television are examined as is the use of music by artists that made the tunes famous. There is power in presentation and JP explains this and the odd silence of the Post-Trump media world.





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Sam Cooke Manhunter Values

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