salvador allende chile presidente asesinato ?

The Ochelli Effect 2-15-2018 Carmine Savastano

Sinister History continues on the Ochelli Effect despite the take-down of Chuck’s YouTube Channel. In the first few minutes we discuss the fact that will soon be the ONLY place you can go to access this info. . P.S. F U GooTube … the overthrow of Allende in Chile ? What was the United States role in this? Lost in the shuffle during discussions of other Political assassinations during the Era when it seems it was common place? On Sinister History we figure , let’s not leave anyone out. In the early 70’s the landscape of Global politics was not friendly to anyone seeking to determine the future for their own people without doing the bidding of American interests at the expense of their own people. This one is murky at best but worthy of exploration at least. Context ,  anecdotes , and cross-talk all included , kinda like batteries with your favorite toys …  salvador allende chile presidente asesinato

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Reference 2: Central Intelligence Agency, Memorandum of Meeting with Henry Kissinger, Thomas Karamessines, and Alexander Haig,
October 15, 1970
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Reference 10: National Security Council, Disarray in Chile Policy, July 1, 1975


salvador allende chile presidente asesinato ?

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salvador allende chile presidente asesinato

Ochelli Effect 2-15-2018 Carmine Savastano