Sacred confirmation Profane bias

The Ochelli Effect 6-4-2018 Chuck Solo

Another Moon Day getting into the fray. Chuck is on a solo mission. Melania has been found allegedly, but who cares? Send the pain below.
Chuck doesn’t understand Blick Chain, Do you? Cell phones and WiFi are kinda dangerous. Gay wedding cakes will not be served.
Monsanto will disappear in name only.History from 1972 onward.King Trump says he is above the law with mind control for the mindless.Pardon me, while I vomit.
The Christian playbook to reshape America in their own image.What kind of moose did Barry find this time?Mushrooms in the fields are good after fires.
War with Canada? Why is stupidity trendy? Artificial Intelligence is going psychopathic. Is Chuck as bad as Noman? When is an inkblot, just an ink blot?
You are what you eat.All this and a call from Barry Prince.The king is currently the queen.Who has a huge headache?
Sacred confirmation Profane bias


“Happy is the way 2 meet your burdens
No matter how heavy or dark the day.”
– Prince, The Love We Make

Sacred confirmation Profane bias

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Sacred confirmation Profane bias – The Ochelli Effect 6-4-2018 Chuck Solo