Russian Trolls Without Consequences

The Ochelli Effect 3-19-2020 Carmine Savastano The Ochelli Effect 3-19-2020 Carmine Savastano 

Russian Trolls Without Consequences 

Carmine Savastano arrived this Thor’s Day to present his collected information regarding the alleged investigation into the alleged interference with American selections by Russian assets.

Has the government been trustworthy at any stage of the process? Does the media ever report anything that is not of benefit to its collective bottom line?

Was there anything to the Russian troll narrative? Were we divided along ugly partisan lines long before the online trolls did their work? Carmine argues that there was no evidence that the Russian government accomplished anything significant. Is he right? Wherefore Art Thou Evidence?

Chuck admits he does not know the nature of what appears to be a newly minted technological terror. Chuck also believes that reckless incompetence may indeed be what has shielded the facts from coming to the public’s attention in these matters. Do you trust the DOJ to reveal anything it is not forced to?

The Trump controlled DOJ has a vested interest in keeping a lid on the truth in Chuck’s estimation. Carmine trusts in their evidence. What are your thoughts? Although there will be no teeth remaining in the nearly toothless FOIA process forty years from now, will it take that long for the actual documentation on to surface?

Russian Trolls Without Consequences – The Ochelli Effect 3-19-2020 Carmine Savastano

Carmine’s References:

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Russian Trolls Without Consequences 

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