Roundtable Ochelli Effect Friday

The Ochelli Effect 2-21-2020 Roundtable

Roundtable Ochelli Effect Friday

  What happens when B Pete, Regular Joe, and Spent Kent take calls with Chuck on a Friday? Bob from Sacramento arrived in the second hour to bring the conversations back down to earth.

What is anarchy? Is there a path to personal responsibility? Can we fix any of the corrupt systems? How is selective enforcement working out for you? Is Trump the disease or the symptom? Does buying local and thinking global still work?

Can the Juggalos against Trump movement save us all? Has Chuck ever had a Georgia Peach? Does the frontman make a difference? What about the money? Is the system too far gone? Should we vote with our dollars? Is a vote a vow?

We will be doing more of these discussions. We hope you will call in and get involved. Special Thanks to Bob for calling in. Enjoy!


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Roundtable Ochelli Effect Friday

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Roundtable Ochelli Effect Friday – The Ochelli Effect 2-21-2020 Roundtable