Ring Around Orange POTUS

The Ochelli Effect 7-31-2020 Roundtable

Ring Around Orange POTUS

B Pete co-hosted the Friday Night Open Mic while Chuck did his best not to cough in your ears.

Captain Tripps and Tech called in to discuss the covid19 testing experience and to agree with Chuck that unhealthy Americans may not have fallen ill as easily as they did if everything wasn’t so toxic.

Is dying with the virus in your system the same as dying from that virus? From pandemic declaration to Vaccination, is there a good reason to question the numbers and safety issues?


Ring around the Posie,
chloroquine hydroxy,
Anarchist or Fascist,
We all Fall down…

When the moon comes closer,
Let your arrows fly
When you die from hunger,
Spit in your eyes…

Bing and Google Rosie,
Pocket Pool Politico,
Ashes, Ashes,
We’re all dumbed down…

Your kids are walking, talking disease bombs unless you are Captain Tripps.



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Ring Around Orange POTUS

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