Right-Wing Spin Wrong

The Ocheli Effect 1-8-2021 Roundtable

Right-Wing Spin Wrong

What happens when Chuck is too sick to offer a good argument to his co-hosts right-wing spin? The Know-Nothing movement of the past is reborn.

The situation on Capitol Hill the Trumpers and their array of apologists who wish to now blame ANTIFA was the main topic. Mrs.O and Dylan Wade had a few choice things to say.

Is the complicity of Law enforcement partially responsible for the successful and yet unsuccessful storming of Congress? What did you see? Was there any counter-protest?

Twitter banned Trump for inciting violence, but was it a dime and a few years short?

What about the question of preparation:

This isn’t DC but it does illustrate these folks are better organized than simple protesters and have inside support, makes one wonder if certain congresspersons provided intelligence on penetrating the capital


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Right-Wing Spin Wrong

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