Rhetorical Analysis Ethos Pathos

The Ochelli Effect 10-16-2019 Bpete

The Rhetorical Analysis Ethos Pathos

We refuse to cover Impeachment on Wednesdays. Bpete joined Chuck to finish the discussion on the recent court case involving Jim Fetzer and the father of a Sandy Hook victim. Is Free Speech an issue in any way?

The $450,000.00 settlement was a bit of a surprise to Chuck. The issue of PTSD is also discussed as it related to the case.

More details were heard on the previous night’s broadcast with ACE:

In the second hour, Chuck and Bpete discussed the recent crap fest of so-called debates run by the DNC and CNN. What could be done to make more meaningful presentations?

Chuck and Bpete broke down most of the candidates and the race to get the best soundbites. Chuck also reminded people that dwindling support for the show may challenge the network and his ability to continue doing what he does in the very near future. In other words, If you (The Listener) do not support the show, It will not continue. Mike S., Patti B., and the handful of Patreon supporters can not be expected to be the only supporters.

It was a strange Wednesday Ochelli Effect.

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The Rhetorical Analysis Ethos Pathos

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The Rhetorical Analysis Ethos Pathos – The Ochelli Effect 10-16-2019 Bpete