The Ochelli Effect 11-3-2017 Faith Harper

Dr. Faith Harper PhD is a licensed professional counselor,  LPC board supervisor, certified sexologist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and certified applied clinical nutritionist in private practice in San Antonio, TX as well as wife to Joseph Green.

Author and progressive thinker one can begin exploring her work @–zines.html

The discussion in this two hours contains many assertions by Chuck with Dr. Harper addresses at every turn. Sexuality , Sexual Identity and the concept of relationships in general are covered in a way we may not have heard previously on The Ochelli Effect. Psychology and methodology of treatment for people who have been impacted trauma in general are explored and framed with personal anecdotes. After all , some things are clinical in anture, some things are personal , and the rest seem to be both. Chuck also addresses his Prostitute Paradigm with Dr. Harper and it seems as though she fully understood what he was trying to articulate in the show he did last year that caused quite a bit of negative feedback among female listeners.


Faith has co-authored work with Joe Green but has done a voluminous amount of work in her own field independent of that work as well. Lear More about Dr.Harper here >>>


Ideas for future conversations with Dr. Harper are offered , and we hope you will add to that list of concepts so we may all learn together how better to connect on a Psycho-social level.

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