Restraining Subjects Without Killing

The Ochelli Effect 9-4-2020 Roundtable

Restraining Subjects Without Killing

B Pete co-hosts another Friday Open Mic Night. Callers Included Ed, Ace, and Mrs. O. Are you being protected and served? Why are there always excuses for the police-state? Do not comply, and you just might die. The recently released body-cam footage of the homicide of Daniel Prude inspired much of the conversation despite the fact that many on the call had seen little or none of the footage.

What should be done about people dying in police interactions? Is it all racial? Will there ever be a way to convince the powers that should not be to put better leashes on their policy enforcers? Does every disturbance require an armed response? Police Brutality Matters.

When is it OK to kill a man? Does P C P mean you deserve to D I E? How many more mentally ill people will end up dead? Is administrative leave an answer? Should preserving life be a priority? Will anything change? Is Coronavirus a good reason to put a bag on someone’s head? The Culture of Police is more dangerous than anything else.

Chuck and B Pete got heated in their discussion again. Is everyone on edge? Can you feel the lack of comprehension rising?


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Restraining Subjects Without Killing

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