Regular Satan FBI Joe Plot

The Ochelli Effect 1-13-2020 Regular Joe

Regular Satan FBI Joe Plot

Moon Day kicked off the broadcast week as if there was important news to acknowledge.

In the first hour, Regular Guy News returned with Regular Joe breaking down the current season of the Reality Show version of the matrix all around us. Politics, Music, Movies, and the death of common sense were all covered. How intense is a foot fetish that interrupts a home invasion? Is there any hope for humanity? Will Iran become the boogeyman the prevails in 2020?

In the second hour, Chuck was on his own. Much of it is taken up by an article on the Church of Satan and a plot to kill Ted Kennedy. Both hours touched on the news of the day. Witnessing Pelosi and the Senate Republicans square off, one wonders if these men actually have experienced dealing with women. Fis for Family.

How do Satan, Donald Trump, The Joker, Ted Kennedy, School books, and the death of RUSH’s drummer end up on the same show? The Ochelli Effect is the answer. The really good music during the breaks was from the band, Cirrus Minor.

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Regular Satan FBI Joe Plot

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Regular Satan FBI Joe Plot – The Ochelli Effect 1-13-2020 Regular Joe