Regular News Psycho-Babble

The Ochelli Effect 9-27-2019 Regular Joe

Regular News Psycho-Babble

The Regular Guy News Hour closes the broadcast week. Regular Joe and Chuck try to avoid the Impeachment non-sense of the day but fail. Can we play with madness? Does anyone know what happened in courtroom drama today? We took no joy in this broadcast but tried to have fun anyway.

Rudy The Amazingly Embarrassing Italian gets mentioned several times. Rudy tells people at the cigar bar way too much. Does a jackass representing a jackass need a podcast? NO NYC Mayor escapes corruption. Breaking News is nothing now. Regular Joe just had to mention Bill Burr again. I bet the water sucks where you are because if we test it all tap water in the US is poisoned.

In the second hour, Chuck breaks down an article on cognitive distortions. So we transitioned from convoluted news to convoluted logic. It turns out psychiatry and English don’t mix. Are you shocked?

Head games in motion? Is the news really newsworthy? Are there any solutions to the egomaniacal elitist paradox? Psychology is pseudo-science at best.

Random acts of kindness are not mental disorders. Twitter sucks but not as much as Facebook. Big thanks to CREATIVE ACCIDENTS for dropping something in the Paypal tip-jar.



(especially of an argument, story, or sentence) extremely complex and difficult to follow.
“its convoluted narrative encompasses all manner of digressions”

The convoluted article:

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Regular News Psycho-Babble

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Regular News Psycho-Babble – The Ochelli Effect 9-27-2019 Regular Joe