Regular Joe Dissecting Trolls Suavely

The Ochelli Effect 10-11-2017 with Regular Joe

Regular Joe Dissecting Trolls Suavely

In the first hour Chuck takes time to define and explain the 10 most common types of anti-social Media TROLLS. From currently trendy Social Justice Warrior Troll to the old fashioned HATER TROLL we explore the traits one can observe to classify each species. Many think it is the nature of Social media itself that gives rise to all the behaviors illustrated but Chuck thinks they would exist in the real world and have much less to do with their rime and a much more narrow audience upon which they can feed for the attention that they seem to be starving for. 10 distinct levels of the creature better known as trolls. If you know of better definitions or think chuck missed something, Let us know.

The second hour Regular listener “Regular Joe” joins the conversation already in progress. Regular Joe Dissecting Trolls Suavely ? Well Joe explains why he listens to The Ochelli Effect more than anything else media has to offer. Tells us even entertainment is just advertisement and delves into the frustration one experiences when attempting to engage TROLLS in real life , or in the virtual World. It is revealed whose dog has been used lately on The Ochelli Effect Graphics. Is YouTube the purest wasteland in Troll Town? Regular Joe Dissecting Trolls Suavely . Mark Windows was scheduled for the first hour but did not appear.

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Regular Joe Dissecting Trolls Suavely