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The Ochelli Effect 2-24-2020 Regular Guy News and Albert Lanier

Regular Guys Irregular Politics

Chuck is still ailing from his dental woes, but Monday had to get done. The network is expanding.

Regular Joe and Captain Tripps helped get the broadcast week going with Regular Guy News. Along with Chuck Tripps and Joe covered the issues of Corona Virus, The Trump Plague, The Cannabis Injustices, and The DNC Debacle.

Along the way Vaccination and the foolishness of the American nation were all focused upon. All levels of Prohibition were examined. Pop goes all the weasels on the latest reality TV shows. Are you not entertained? Trump went to India, and no one cares. Namaste Bithces!

Veteran Journalist Albert Lanier joined Chuck in the second hour. The breakdown of the system has not left the DNC and its alleged primary with alleged candidates out of the wake of political stagecraft. Who is the best empty vessel? Is Sleepy Joe still breathing? When will Tulsi Gabbard hang it up? Bernie Sanders may be the only legitimate stocking horse for the Trump 2020 victory.

Did Mayor Cheat succeed as a spoiler? Is Warren Hillary light? What did a Veteran Journalist think of the laughable Iowa Caucus? How lost is the cause of the Democrats? Whoever winds up winning, do we all lose?

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Regular Guys Irregular Politics

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Regular Guys Irregular Politics – The Ochelli Effect 2-24-2020 Regular Guy News and Albert Lanier