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The Ochelli Effect 9-9-2019 Regular Joe

On Monday we kicked off the week with The Regular Guy News Hour featuring long-time listener and rational thinker Regular Joe.

A general examination of Joe’s golf game and the white noise of the MSM News got mixed. A debate over skunks and snakes. There was no way to avoid Sharpie-Gate and Trump’s latest beef.

Chuck took a bit of glee in celebrating the birth of a two-headed snake in New Jersey.

Two-headed rattlesnake, named ‘Double Dave’, found in New Jersey

Joe and Chuck also discussed lying to the cops in the age of the Real I.D. act.

Woman Claims To Be Her Own Daughter To Try To Evade Arrest: Police

Regular Guy Strange News

In the second hour, Chuck explored the gigantic hypocrisy in Christian ethics and the possible strategies employed by the brain-trust at Liberty University.

Someone’s Gotta Tell the Freakin’ Truth’: Jerry Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence

On The Brighter side, Chuck also discovers a Christian author who may actually be walking the path of moral reason. The headline of the article begged to have the article read. We hope to book the author for a conversation. Perhaps there are a few Christ-like Christians after all.

Anti-Christ Politics vs. the Politics of Jesus

The end of the show contains Chuck’s thoughts about the abusive nature of the world and a plea for people to embrace sanity.

The power of love is a solution, but only if the human family can learn to let go of the love of power.

Regular Guy Strange News

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Regular Guy Strange News – The Ochelli Effect 9-9-2019 Regular Joe